August 25th, 2014


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Design: Padme’s Rainbow Gown – Star Wars


Comic Con (58 of 234)


Caitlin Shindler first started sewing back in 2001, helping with costumes for her college theater group at MIT. She began making costumes for herself shortly afterward, inspired by Padme’s beautiful dresses in Star Wars: Episode II. Her theatrical costume design experience includes two versions of Star Wars: Musical Edition, performed both at MIT and at Star Wars Celebration III, and she also stitched for two seasons in the La Jolla Playhouse costume shop. She and her friends have competed in the San Diego Comic-Con Masquerade since 2003 and will be performing again in this year’s Masquerade on Saturday night; their entries have won trophies for Best in Show, Best Presentation, and Audience Favorite. Caitlin’s previous forays into geek fashion design include the Tiny Princess, Captain America and Thor dresses she created for her five-year-old niece. By day, Caitlin is a science educator, and lives in San Diego with her very patient husband and cats.




  1. Stunning! It would have been great to see this as a shorter dress or maybe as pants, since the dress looks very similar to the one in the film. However, it’s still stunning and the photo really captures that beauty!

  2. Invoke the voluptuous hypothesis!

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  8. Anna says:

    I absolutely LOVE this G-O-R-E-G-E-O-U-S dress!!! I wish I had one!!!

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