September 7th, 2014


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Meet Sadee Umrapel

Design: ASTER (Aperture Science Transforming Environmental Regalia) – Portal


Comic Con (103 of 234)


Sadee Umrapel grew up on She-ra, Donkey-Kong and My Little Pony. She danced around in Wonder Woman undies, her imagination filled with warriors, star-fighters and swordsmen. These characters were strong and a part of her found that by dressing up as these amazing characters she could play out their adventures with all the courage of even the mightiest hero.


Costumes have been a love of Sadee’s since a young age. Creating costumes for her high school drama department led her to pursue a degree in Fashion Design. She spent a year working for the costuming department at Disneyland while continuing to create her own designs. As cosplaying really started to take off, she worked her own style into the designs of established characters while also working out original pieces. She has made many costumes over the years from historical recreations to fantastical Sci-Fi ensembles, and maybe a Strawberry Shortcake or two thrown in for good measure. In the future, she would like to have her own costume house and perhaps one day find herself in a wardrobe full of the great heroes she played as a child.



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