April 7th, 2016

Meet Fangirl of the Day: Natalie

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Name of Fangirl: Natalie


Fangirl’s Occupation: Natalie is a fourth grade teacher at Nova Eisenhower Elementary in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida!


What is her Fangirl interest?

Natalie has tons of interests! She loves educating her little Jedis (aka students) as well as watching movies, writing, make-up, crafts, and frequent trips to Disney World. In addition, she is an avid Star Wars fan and animal lover.


Why did you decide to shine the spotlight on this Fangirl?

Natalie always has a way to bring laughter and joy to those around her. She lights up a room as soon as she enters it with her vibrant personality. Her family, friends, and students love spending time with her and she is always there to lend a helping hand! Natalie deserves to have the spotlight shined on her for always being a go-getter and setting the best example for what a strong woman is all about!


How does this Fangirl express her fandom?

Natalie is always rockin’ Star Wars clothing, jewelry, handbags, and everything else in between! Her entire classroom is a Star Wars theme, so you really feel like you’re in the film! She also enjoys dressing in theme for her frequent Disney World visits, especially when she visits for Star Wars Weekends! She is looking forward to dressing up as Rey for this years Star Wars 5K!


What is her favorite quote or personal motto?

“Be someone’s sunshine when their clouds are gray.” -Anonymous

“Laughing is, and will always be, the best form of therapy.” -Dau Voire

“Do, or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda


What is her favorite Fangirl item that she cannot live without?

Mascara, a bold red lipstick, her cat, Sparrow, and a positive attitude!


Where can we follow her online?




19 Responses to “Meet Fangirl of the Day: Natalie”

  1. Michael Qing says:

    Natalie is a fourth grade teacher, she should be teaching kids to understand the Star Wars chronological order and timeline that are told in the books.

    For me she wasn’t an good teacher to live with, if kids wanted to know more about Star Trek, Halo, DC universe and Metroid Prime trilogy.

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  4. Your entire classroom is Star Wars themed!? That’s so cool! Have you heard of “Star Wars in the Classroom”? Great group of educators who love Star Wars and bring it to their students in educational ways. Definitely check them out! Congrats on being fangirl of the day, Natalie! ^_^

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