June 30th, 2017

Meet the Fangirl of the Day Jenmarie G!

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Name: Jenmarie G.


Location: Anaheim, CA


Bio: Jenmarie is a long-time Star Wars fangirl who’s never been afraid to passionately rep the galaxy far, far away! She is a bright, kind soul who is constantly innovating new ways to creatively showcase the things she loves, whether that be through fashion, podcasting or on her blog.


So many fandoms. What’s hers?

Star Wars and Disney


How does she share her fandom with others?

For over fifteen years, Jenmarie has run a fan-site known as “Anakin and His Angel” where she discusses all things Star Wars. She is also a part of the Star Wars podcast, the Force Cult.


How does she subtly (or not-so-subtly!) work her fandom into everyday life?

Jenmarie has an eye for fashion and she often puts together character-inspired #OOTD’s, which include some of her favorite pieces by Her Universe and more.



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