July 23rd, 2013

Meet Fangirl Of The Day: Paula

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Name of the Fangirl: Paula

Fangirl’s Occupation: Master and Commander at the CDC

What is her fangirl interest?

Paula is a HUGE Star Wars fangirl, who also dabbles in other fandoms. Her main man is Luke Skywalker, and she somehow has never gotten to meet Mark, even volunteering at all of the Celebrations.

Why did you decide to shine the spotlight on this fangirl?

Paula has done so much for others in fandom, from donating Star Wars items to charities to further the Fandom, to volunteering at Celebration and DragonCon, to hand stitching a lightspeed backdrop for the Star Wars fan track at DragonCon.

How does this fangirl express her fandom?

And entire floor of her house is dedicated to Star Wars, from posters, to every book ever published, to stand-ups, to a Tauntaun sleeping bag in her home-theater, to dying her hair to match Boba Fett’s Mandolorian Armor.

What is her favorite fangirl item that she cannot live without?

Books. She has every Star Wars book ever written. A very close second are her fandom friends in Club Jade as well as the Hothlanta Rebels.

Where can we follow her online?


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  3. Jo says:

    BOOKS! That’s an impressive collection of Star Wars books, for sure! Congrats on being fangirl of the day, Paula! 😀

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